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BOX14 is a company in track bike chainrings of the higher segment. BOX14 is located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. They have many different colors and styles of chainrings, so if you are looking for a nice chainring, be sure to check them out!

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Django's Bikeshop is a bicycle shop in Haarlem, the Netherlands. Django's Bikeshop has many types of bicycles, from Gravel and Adventure bikes to vintage road bikes. The guys from Django's Bikeshop love Fixed Gear bikes themselves, so it is one of the few bike shops in the Netherlands where they can help you with track bikes. In the store itself they have many beautiful parts, and have many connections if you are looking for something special. If you ever come near Django's Bikeshop, be sure to stop by!

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SKIDSHOP itself is located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. We ourselves have our store on the Fuutlaan. It is a very nice industrial area. The NS used to be located at this place. The NS is an abbreviation for the Dutch railways company. Since this location is no longer used for loading and unloading trains, all kinds of small creative companies have been established, including us and BOX14.

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