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Pro Track Lite Disc Interjet hub

Pro Track Lite Disc Interjet hub

We hereby offer a beautiful and legendary Shimano Pro Track Lite interjet hub disc. This Disc wheel is very unique and rare.


These wheels are very difficult to find and are very exclusive. Only the rear wheels were made of this type. This wheel has been lightly used on the velodrome track in Amsterdam. This wheel has a BALK sticker on it.


This wheel completes your track bike. Perfect for the highest result on the velodrome track, or for a beautiful picture on the road. Definitely a must have if you like the best performance and a vintage look.


The decal is from the original bike shop where this wheel comes from. The wheel comes with tube and 16T cog from Miche.


The last pictures show how this wheel has some light imperfections. These imperfections are in the wheel's super thin coat of paint, no scratches, dents or cracks. The wheel is in perfect technical condition.


These imperfections are caused by the sun shining on it, the white paint layer is just a little more weathered in this place. Because these wheels were used at the highest level, little attention was paid to a strong coat of paint, but to make the wheel as light as possible, which is why it has small imperfections even without using it.


New price: 2,329.00 euros


Weight: 1165 grams (including cog, adapter and tube)

(790 grams without)

28 inch

    € 1.065,00 Regular Price
    € 852,00Sale Price
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