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Ridley Arena Carbon Trackbike Frameset

Ridley Arena Carbon Trackbike Frameset

We hereby offer a beautiful Ridley Arena Carbon Track. The frame is in very good condition, there are no imperfections. This frame is known for its groundbreaking front fork, which contains slots to reduce air resistance and to direct air past the fork. The seatpost is attached to the frame for optimal stiffness and weight savings.


On the side of the frame you will see small rough pieces of "kind of sandpaper", these are for less air resistance. The frame is made entirely of carbon, the headset and spacers are also made of carbon.


This is the perfect frame for optimal performance on the track, or for a beautiful ride around town.


Weight: 2310 grams

Size: XS

Seatpost CC 51cm

Toptube CC 52cm

Wheelbase 92cm

7 cm steerer tube above the headset

BSA 68


MAX Seatpost CT 65cm (cc to top seatpost)

With a saddle there is an additional 2 to 4 cm. You can choose to set it 4 to 5 cm lower, if you want it even lower you would have to shorten the seat post.

    € 1.250,00Price
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