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S-Works Body Geometry Carbon Saddle

S-Works Body Geometry Carbon Saddle

By means of pressure measurements, Specialized knows better than anyone where a saddle should provide support or relieve pressure. This saddle is suitable for both men and women who ride in an aggressive, aerodynamic position. 


The 'Body Geometry Channel' is the opening in the middle of the saddle. This ensures maximum blood flow. The padding is as light as possible, creating an ideal combination of sit bone support for hours of comfort. 


The saddle's base consists of a curved, tuned FACT carbon shell and ultra-light rails. Extensive research has been done into body geometry to provide superior support in every position, all day long. This ensures blood flow, even to sensitive arteries.


The saddle is as good as new and weighs no less than 160 grams. The width of the saddle is 155mm and the length is 243mm.

    € 125,00 Regular Price
    € 100,00Sale Price
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