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Rosa Pro-Lite Trackbike Wheelset

Rosa Pro-Lite Trackbike Wheelset

We hereby offer a beautiful Rosa Pro Lite Trackwheelset.


The wheels are in good condition, but the tubes need to be replaced. The rear wheel has a double fixed rear hub, and the wheelset weighs only 2470 grams.


All the spokes are forged from the finest Swedish stainless steel and CNC machined to ensure the threads are precisely correct. The nipples are CNC machined so that when the wheel is built, the angle between the spoke and nipple is minimal when tension is applied during building. (Take a look at how many wheels you see in the market where the angle of the nipple and spoke exceeds 5 degrees).

The hubs are CNC machined and fitted with EZO bearings to provide a much lower rolling resistance. During the Copenhagen 6 day, riders using Pro-Lite track wheels commented on how smooth the wheels ran and how noticeable it was to feel the acceleration through them.



    € 165,00Price
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